Our ride through the GRAND CANYON.. Simply breath taking.

The day was blue skies. The sun shining down on us with the temp in the low 90’s. The best part of the weather it was a dry heat. Loving every min of it. Both Jed and I were..

We drove off Interstate 40 (old rt 66) to rt 64 that brings you in to the Big Beautiful Grand Canyon. Along the way stopping to look at the stands the native Americans have set up to sell there home made jewelry. Just beautiful but not my style.


At  the entrance of the park we find out you have to pay 25 dollars a car to drive through. The ranger didn’t charge us for the trailer though. First stop was the observatory (look out). It;s just a beautiful as I thought it would be. Just a bit of haze, just enough to make the colors pop.

20130906_16004220130906_160526 20130906_160611 20130906_161029

The afternoon was spent driving along the canyon range over looking one of the 7 most amazing natural wonders of the world. My mom had taken us kids to see this when I was 5 on our drive from California to Maine in 1980. I don’t remember much from that time but only a few things stood out like. The Easter bunny found us at a hotel. We didn’t have grass in California it was a funny looking plant almost like aloe.  All over the front and back yard. This plant is called ice plants. Oh I remember my step dad having a water fight with mom and us with the hose. Some one ran in the house to get away from him and he stuck the hose in the mail slought of the door… Oh my mom was mad.. LOL  those are good memories…One not so good was the day we left California I never saw my blankie again. My good old friend was gone. I still have pictures though…

Alone the way we saw Elk. Almost as big as a Moose. They were right there on the side of the road just hanging out and eating leaves. Seemed not to be bothered by all the people, cameras, and traffic. I guess they feel its their home you visit, so respect me I will respect you.

20130906_172317 20130906_172327 20130906_172454

We also learned what the pad locks was on the fences. A couple has it engraved usually during their honeymoon and lock it there for all the visitors to see.. One the date had  already passed by and the second one had 2 days till the date on it was to happen. Looked like a wedding date. Pretty cool. I hear it’s a big thing over in Paris France according to a man we met.

20130906_173539_Richtone(HDR) 20130906_173614_Richtone(HDR)

The drive out to I40 was just as beautiful as the drive in. Really nice sun set with puffy white clouds, you could make pictures out of. Made it to Williams Arizona around 730 pm. As we were leaving on west bound rt 64 I put a few pic on face book. Right away had several response’s. One was from Beth Bray saying she wishes some day to see this. It was then I remembered a pic of both her and Trin were over the visor of my passenger seat. A picture Trisha had printed out for me before we left PA. Pretty cool they were their.   Found a place to stop for the night. Because morning will come fast and we need to continue on to the next stop HOOVER DAM. After all this just couldn’t wait for what tomorrow was going to bring.

20130906_175955_Richtone(HDR) 20130906_180422_Richtone(HDR) 20130906_181925 20130906_180920 20130906_182112 20130906_184622 20130906_18441820130907_120632

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