OH boy!! We have done and seen so much were did we leave off…


So I believe we were at the caverns in West Virgin when Jed last Blogged. So sorry we didn’t really keep up on the trip but we had so much fun and was beat by the time we got to the hotel’s we found along the way..

From West Virginia we traveled down rt 40 west to Nashville Tennessee. Arrived in early afternoon to a very busy city full of tall buildings, people every were and very narrow roads. We drove around a bit to see if we could find a place to park. Thinking we there must be a over sized place to park some were… Any were. Nope. So after just a few pictures and stopping in a dirt gravel pull off we said been there but only saw a little bit.. LOL

Stayed out side of Memphis in Knoxville that night. Got back on the road again around 11 and headed to our next stop Albuquerque NM.  Were one of my child hood friends now lives with her family. We drove all day to get there. 11 hrs on the road. Rolled in around 10:30 pm to find my dear friend Kelly a sleep and her husband Paul awake waiting on us. He asked if he should wake her. I said no let her sleep, we will catch up in the morning.  At last a home and a warm bed to crawl into for a good night sleep.

Morning came and like always I’m wide a wake at 700 am. Got my self out of bed and went down stairs to make a coffee.  Paul and Emily were up and cooking breakfast. I could smell potatoes in the frying pan and hash on the griddle. As I make my way to the coffee pot I look over at Emily. As she looks up at me and tilts her head. I thinks I know this lady she was just here a few months ago but I don’t remember her coming back. She kindly looks away and digs into her chocolate cake dad gave her to keep quiet so the house could sleep till breakfast was done…. Cool dad.. Yes she ate a good breakfast too..

So soon the rest of the family awoke to the smell of breakfast came down stairs to hugs and kisses. Had a great breakfast and laughs that day. Jed and Paul went off to see about getting the trailer tier looked at that was losing air and Kelly and I went to a work appointment she had. Then back to have dinner and enjoy a nice evening by the firer out back of there house. Thanks for the stay Paul and Kelly love you both. Till we see you again. Off to bed for a early morning to be able to get on the road to catch the Grand Canyon before sun down.






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