Thursday trip to Arlington and DC

We set out for the 3 hr ride to Arlington Cemetery  to visit Sgt 1st class Ryan Savard at his final resting place around 8:30 am yesterday. The ride out was nice with no traffic and smooth sailing. We pulled in about 11:30 with the city and people going about everyday life.

We made our way to Ryan’s site to find a full Honors burial service getting ready to take place. Jed and I found a parking spot out of the way of the funeral procession to park the truck. Thank you Trisha for letting us leave the trailer at your place. Then took a spot a little way off the side of the road to stand and pay our respects again to another fallen soldier. We were hoping and thinking due to the full honors service and the age of people there it was a soldier that lived a long good life before he was laid to rest. According to a marine we met there, a full honors burials means you need the rank of general or higher. He had a marching band and two sets of marching soldiers before the horse and carriage pulled him to his place of rest.

We made our way back to Ryan’s site and sat quietly as Jed bowed his head and in his mind said what he was there to do. A fair well to a brother he loves and cherished though out there lives. There is nothing like brotherly love and those two they have it. I only met Ryan once back of June 2012 and right away I felt he has a kind spirit and was at peace with what he did for this country. To his wife Kayla, your a strong women for being able to see him off all those time he was deployed, not knowing what to was come out of it. Just being around them for 3 days I knew they loved each other unconditionally. I’m thankful they stayed that one last day with Jed and I to walk DC. Today looking back it was a blessing for Jed and Ryan for that one last day together.  I’m not religious, but I’m happy for his mom and Dad they are and they can find peace knowing this was the path Ryan chose. I’m sure My grandmother has made him some great food and helps him look over his and my family. We will be back to visit Ryan just not sure when it will be. As we walked away I gave Ryan’s stone a kiss and Jed placed his hand on it and said see ya brother Love and miss you.

As we drove out we found they just opened a large area they had been building for a year or so which holds urns for those who wish to be cremated. Beautiful and breath taking. Very nice place to rest for those that deserve the honor.

We spent the rest of the day In DC. Saw two more of the Smithsonian museums we had not seen in the last 3 trips to DC. It was a Perfect day. The sun shined with a small breeze to make it not a scorching hot day.

On our way out again the GPS failed us in the city. So to say the least the ride home was long and bumper to bumper rush hr traffic. UGGGGh.

We stopped at the Olive Garden to have dinner and wait out the traffic. Our 3 hr ride there turned in to a 5 hr ride back to Trisha’s. But when all said and done we made it back from our journey safe a sound. Thankful for a warm and comfy bed. Once we set out from here (PA) to New Mexico we’re not sure what the sleeping arrangement may be.

The next few days will be fun. Trin and her car load of friends will leave NH this afternoon to come down here for our friend Beth Brey’s 50 birthday party Aug 31. LOOK OUT COOK OUT…


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