The days leading up to our departure of New England for awhile..

The day came last Thursday August 22 2013 when I left a great job (that I love dearly) and wonderful caring co-works, to set out for a journey to Seattle Washington . This destination was chosen due to Jed  being accepted  to Antioch University for  a doctorate education in Psychology. The plan as of now is to stay for at least 3 years for him to do his schooling then see were he may want to do his internship.

We spent the weekend packing and spending time with loved ones including great friends.  Saturday we had a wonderful dinner with Miss Charlotte and Jalanie. Where we had lots of laughs and tons of fun. Thanks again for that. We had a great time with you guys.

Sunday we moved everything that was left in the apartment out finished cleaning and said our fairwell to a home Jed had spent more than 5 years in. No to leave out the best land lords and friends he could ask for. Mike and Beth Aaronson. Thanks for taking such good care of him. You will be missed dearly but never forgotten. See ya at Christmas.

We made our way up North to see Garett and Marie Savard (Jed’s Parents) to drop of some things and had a very nice dinner and talk with them. Of course we forgot a cart they really wanted . So made a plan for them to come down Monday after work to pick it up and have dinner with us at mom and Reg’s. This was great because we didn’t have to say our see you soon right then and there.

Monday was a pack and get all we could get in to the truck and explorer we could. Spent some alone time going to the store and the farm to get vegetables with my mom for dinner. Seeing some beautiful sunflowers that always remind me of my mom but now I will always think of Miss Jen Bixby also.

Dinner time came were myself , Jed, mom, Reg, Trin, Garett and Marie when we sat down to grilled chicken and ribs, beet greens, corn and the best potato salad you would ever taste in this life time. Not only our last meal with our parents but we got to celebrate my oldest sister Trindel’s Birthday with a yummy cake for desert. Song and presents.

Tuesday morning came and Jed was up and at it at the crack of dawn already, before I even got a cup of coffee. He was putting mud flaps on his truck that he really doesn’t want to but did it so rocks would not kick up and hit my explorer while being towed on an 18 foot trailer cross country. Finish up the last of the packing and drove the explorer on the trailer. Placed the tie down on and said done we r ready to hit the road babe. 🙂 Mom had made us french toast with New Hampshire maple syrup for breakfast before we headed out to our first stop Greenlane, PA to stay with Trisha and Mike for the week. The fairwell with Mom and Reg was short and sweet because I didn’t want to cry. I have always lived close to my mom and this will be very different not to be able to go see her when ever I feel. But thank god for cell phones and face book. I will not miss a bit.

The ride to Pa was like a normal trip. The trailer road well and traffic wasn’t bad. Leaving Plymouth as we were driving down rt 118. You would think we would see a deer, maybe bear or a moose even a turkey but a Lama walking right down the side of the road. Only in the north county people. No need for a zoo up there just take a drive…Pulled in to Trisha’s around 800 pm. Sat in the hot tub and had a good night sleep. Today will be a chill day then of to Arlington tomorrow. Till we meet again New England keep our love one and all safe.


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One Response to The days leading up to our departure of New England for awhile..

  1. Beth Aaronson says:

    Awwww— We already miss you! Love reading this and will continue to enjoy following your adventure!

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